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fortnite And Myth Would Be Undefeated XShooter23x lmao i call it a good round when i get in top 25 with more than 2 kills Got 7 seven kills yesterday and it was my first game and i won the second one but i just think that im a pc gamer and on xbox fortnites reflexes are just as slow as possible I usually play on laptop instead of console, and his decision about the game is so quick.

Kalebxp123 Games no one gave him attention!good job Jhonny Lepri But we did so thank you xD LouisDoes Gaming and time with time! fortnite. :) I eat pancakes For Dinner WTF we have the same profile pictures XD This is nostalgia, my friends and I had a lot more fun than now (Everyone quit because its trash). Rip my black knight.

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