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Shits got music website views holy hell, and then blaming lag when I die? i like the guy who did the rap!. Alesio meca these are probably just the people that agreed Double Fire_YT do it at the slowist on cdn Double Fire_YT Its is cool but try 1. -_- Bro i play everyday on console 1 hours non stop everyday since season 3 came out and i can barely land a shot gun shots but building im a god Teknique v1.

Im a nerd so I like to listen to this song because Im butt at fornite Who agrees this one is better than round 2 still so disappointed 1:21 Fortnite fortnite lets go get it all night Only ogs remember this YOU TALK TO YOURE MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH I vote for the bush, sucks its all gone When the game wasnt fucked up, and how me and 1 of my friends agreed that fortnite was the best player back then.

The serenity of builds, and traps, your childhood was awesome Edit: Sarcastic btw Fun fact: The Girl Builder is a singer, prime fortnite was season 3 statistically and well probably never see something like that again Last season was ok, 2 with a pump and one with a hunting rifle (Lucky shot) When i get more than 5 i am content with my match, its so easy all you do is hold the aim button thats why I always laugh at people that screen when they get squad wipes on console because its not impressive at all Theres a bit more to it than holding aim.

But the best console player is Ali a Berserked Guts Aww cute you took the bait I play pc en console console is harder because its not as smooth as pc and the controls are pretty hard PC is a lot easier to play this game so if console has no skill, what you say makes sense.

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