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Crazy to think that nothing would ever replace these years. even get that with a purple one­ Actually they needed all shotguns so bad so the purple was actually better than the blue Hi watching in !

Still great to listen to and this makes me want play this game more but I dont feel the same motivation to play but in season 6 chapter 2 I be playing all day I miss the good old days were all you did was have fun and no sweats were a thing­­ I miss playing season 2 to 7 so much it honestly hurts so much not to be able to go back Came back to vibe and remembered the lyrics!!.

Spook boi I mean one pump in the head is just what should happen not 93 damage Mohammad fadaie haha same with me!!!. Truly was Ôthe good old daysÔ Nice man!!. Ummm salty and dusty were all ways named Darwin The Snake They were a long time ago in early season 1 but very few people were playing then? When Fortnite didnt have no life sweats.

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