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They hate each other I posted a fortnite montage the other day if anyone wants to check it out Were not talking about fortnite Anymore were talking about Pewdiepie Vs t series Oh yeah every one is sweaty now days plus getting kills gives health so people finish all the time, or asks them for individual data. But I have played on ps4, the reason the game got so popular and stayed popular for so long is because it was a game people could play with their friends even if the game wasnt that good to begin with.

I feel like the old shouting fortnite can be back I love it my bro fortnite keep up the work and I love the website Love these website. Anybody wish we could just time travel back to and go through this again and relive our memories š I remember the hype for this when this first dropped I come back here just to look back on the memories Man I sure do miss this game Its crazy how much the game has changed compared to what it used to be This makes me have a flash back of them old days God I love this song.

Hey wie gehts bist du gut in fortnite Spielst du auf ps4 adde mich heiĆe vivekdestroyer19 Sharan Kumar add du mich pls heiĆe KAY-1980 Fortnite Kingdom im a fan of both but I have ps4 so no PUBG Ernesto Castaneda LoL same š no pubg but my dad looks at š all day In fortnite i at least have a chance to try out guns,in pubg I die instantly without even shooting them :D Theyre two completely different type of games.

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