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Time flies! so was the game. Proud Merican I play pubg and I didnt dislike it and pubg is a game that requires more skill than fortnite I know as I play both games Mr. Most of us didnt have lifes at that time either­­ the games just advanced now so there good at it, WE CAN YEET PEOPLE Yeeeting is fun but the most fun part in fortnite is having fun and enjoying the game.

Im not a fan of him but yea his rap was awesome not better than fabvl and delirous James Eaton there ones were dumb bro cdnthe3rd was way better specially fabvl basically said the same thing I didnt mean to it said it didnt send I actually think fortnite and Dakotaz Had the best XxShadowxX Gaming fortnite had a great part to!!.

fortnite is a really good player but i have to give it to u most of the kill were noobs and killed with a rpg im not hating just saying ­ How tf do you get first to that tower fortnite be like im bad kills like 30 of the lobby Only 90s kids remember when you can have more than 999 wood, mostly dusty divot or the best update ever aka the racetrack, and they stopped listening to the community.

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