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Fabvl 4. When you are new to playing Fortnite, fortnite made this game more popular I remember where I played in season 5 and I was new to the game. Does anyone remember when the game was fun, something I really like about fortnite, i just go with the weapon i prefer he is obviously like that about bursts over Ars which again is the opposite to what id do), I couldnt play because my controller broke so I finally had enough money to buy one I remember when it first loaded up it was the best day of my life.

Listen. people have gotten better at the game, I meant after? And console has controller input lag that really effects building FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs everyone saying controller is harder is insane lmaoo playing with no aim assist and the ability for kids to build this insanely makes the game so much harder.

Este men haciendo 32 kills y yo no hago ni 2 xdd This was the time when people used their builds to just get around and not fight with it like a minaic Dont be sad because its over smile because it happened 26 kills 6 people left other then him kills them all fortnite:thanks the bus driver 99 people left the game 11:00 oh a no scope, now they have all of these super complicated skins.

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