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Its only been three years it feels like a mil This song is amazing. the real good times. נ Anybodyd be that good at this game if all they did was play this lol Sayed Do you have a wife. I randomly remembered this song out of no where good times used to play this in the lobby while playing squads This is litteraly 1 of the most legendary games in history Still listening to this for the good memories This.

55 of the people in the game Ptetre que dans la game a Gotaga y avais que des bambi mais au moin il jouait pas avec un lance roq close range Back in the days where fortnite used to be so bad i dont get why people wanna go back fortnite is better now because u could build a lot and im in champions league in arena and old fortnite everyone was so bad lol נננ and now its good because im good and the updates are better pog champ yessir yessir pog champ yassss OG grey pumps are better than Gold pumps.

whose the ghostwriter. Omg Its Carlos no he doesnt have the world record a ps4 player has it right now the record with 36 kills on squads Ti complice 974 Yeah hes good but he doesnt upload a lot, just depends on which direction the bus takes He probably had a bunch of people he knows switch their servers to eu or something less populated than the US and intentionally push him?

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