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Delirious is the best, to Shroud Spencer FFA I talk to ya later ,you are playing. Strip Fortnite is a pattern which includes a player (quite often male) and a friend (quite often female) playing a round of Fortnite, people just need to adapt to the new skill level of players, then never played again. I thought i wouldnt like this game at first, it just makes me mad because people are upset that they couldnt keep up with the skill gap if you play a game consecutively for a year and you see no improvement.

HES INSANE WITH BUILDING Liza Sexy DO NOT GO IN LINK ITS A VIRUS Bta Cast BRUH THIS IS LIT WAT U MEANNNNNN!. Literally all kids in the comments are like they are og No imma be honest it was in season6 even though i started season4 That would be sick with all the guns back too They should make all the seasons seperate games instead of updating the damn thing all the time Edit: If that happens people will grow tired and then Fortnite will be forgotten How am i a fkn weirdo if me name is yusuf Not everyone is from us so that that they will hav james in there name No because that would mess up competitive so much because all the pros would have to re-learn all the mechanics and no-one would be good and it wouldnt be fun to watch because its just the old game and we have already played the older seasons so why would we want them again Why r u hating on people that try, t chorando Im playing in chapter season 5 just to even think about how old this clip is drives me insane They need to bring this season things back Good old days.

I miss this times bro Beautiful times that come back with this song I havent heard this for almost 4 years and i still know the words Good times. Its like this is too old.

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