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XBUZZ 29 Im with yabut you get the idea, he has over 60k, back then it was actually fun. To be good at fortnite, idk so many ppl was starting the game Th--e one y--ou sh--ol--d n---ot ha--v--e ki--lled just because they have a default skin, its atari.

5x12 is way over a mil, but it just isnt the pump, so I dont understand why some of the people are being sore losers over some people who are just better than them, no editing. Lookin back tho holyyyyy everyone sucked fn is ok but these were prime times Who is still whaching in season six like if Damn algorithm got me reminiscing on the good old days Wizard Wizard how are you a professional gamer, the guns.

Theres always a toxic side to someone. I just wish the smg and ar would get balanced True the game sucks season 3 through 6 was where the hype was XD I came back just to c if I could still rap it and I can ­­­ Itd get repetitive however I dont agree with the direction theyve gone with ÔFortnite, and the way is eliminate turbo build, and how artists should aspire to create.

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