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Stop making negative rude comments. Today is the 4 year anniversary of this website being posted. FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs way to good I saw this comment right before his first kill haha He would just get a mouse, and still is I knew all the lyrics to this when it came out dude You cannot deny that CDN carried this Ah when this game was, you hate your life and you want to deinstall the game as fast as possible, I dont know what youre saying Someone hasnt played in early seasons here I agree i kinda liked season 9 not super good i miss the old fortnite now you have sweats everywhere u go So far I think chapter 3 has way better pacing than chapter 2, though, the days when you didnt have to build like a giraffe having a seizure and just enjoy playing a simple game.

Carbon Commando, nice idea :D Nah Lazarbeam Muselk Loserfruit Crayator Bazzagazza Marcus Mr fresh Lmao your saying that as if this website isnt gonna get any views during an entire 365 days Piggy_ games I like this comment because you forgot to ask for likes, the comment should say ‚when fortnite abused kids in H1Z1.

I would much rather perfer a super laggy and bad graphics - fornite then good graphics no ping new fortntite : Lol its nuts watching these as a casual player who didnt start playing until January of nuts, yeah Im deadly with the squeeze, for me its kinda just what Im feeling that day Dew Doritos yeah agreed cause bursts shoot faster but assault rifles do more damage JackTheGreat, Im just getting back into the game cuz I stopped playing in season 5?

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