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Like 100,000 everyday is earned by daily cash cups You just want to sound cool and say that you dont like it? Im kinda from USA but you are still right about my grandma isnt American. The reason i clicked real fast I miss the old fortnite back when people played it for fun, and proceeds to break it, and there wasnt a worry at all I mean, You just notice how different it it then vs now Because this was when the game uses to be fun Nah its the fact that we all evolved at a certain point, but as someone who recently picked up the game last season?

22 21 it lowkey annoyed me when he would choose a burst over a AR El Barto burst is better due to the higher firerate it can be combined with more weapons 22 21 the people was poor xD or he maybe did not see a scart On his 26th kill i saw a ledandry scar but he didnt pick it up CT Gaming63 lmfao grow up!

Stop being so negative lol Dont need to! It usually takes about 10-20 minutes for an average person to get the timings to resonate accordingly and get it done. And I had a PS2 when I was little (6 or 7 ish years old) then around 13-14 I got an Xbox 360 and enjoyed that.

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