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Just sitting there playing fortnite with one match going on for 30 minutes with nobody sweating the whole lobby, people started playing it more, and slurping on Chug Jugs brings back old memories Era uma vez: a lenda! No point in arguing with you when I already told you before were just simply looking back on fond memories Holy shit bro, who remembers when you couldnt build if there was a tree,rock,building,home or house, but people just hate Fortnite because of the community, but back then this game was truly something, fortnite has way more better clips, like I aint complaining I miss these days ­ What is this the alimo last stand­­ I miss old fortnite ­­­­­ The grey pump give a 220 but now the gold pump give only a 203 if youre lucky Congrats bro 1, keep up the good work man!

There is a social component to the game, pinch punch fist day of the month Watching in season 7 its 5:00am and I stayed up for this piece of shit season fortnite:Lets go baby!!!!!!!!!!. Now it doesnt even feel like fortnite anymore TFFFF YOU ARE THE REASON ITS RUIUNED ALWAYS WANTING THE O,D MAP BACK LIKE WTFFFF BRO QUIT ATTACKING EPIC GAMES BRO ITTT WAY BETTER MORE ITEMS BIGGER MAP AND ALOT MORE NEW SKINS JUST Causs tou are bad ands canytt kill sweats doesnt mean you gotta hate on the ga,me Is that u also u got josh and whatever his name is on ur background I remember back in season 2 when the game was actually fun and I grinded all the time.

let them play against each other instead of ruining the fun for everyone else I agree with you 100 I love the game for the diverse combat gamplay the community maps people make are actually fun :3 but the people. Toxixpotato yes 11teen and a half 100 7-3-08 ok 11teen Sorry to break your heart kid but age 11 doesnt classify as a teenager.

Thats the first place I landed at when I joined fortnite Only ogs remember hop rocks in dusty Yeah same, so inspiring Comes back 3 years later: still knows all the lurics Back in s3 me n the boys would be jamming out to this bruh.

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