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Stuff doesnt add up patrick. H2ODelirious can i add you as a friend on fortnight:) plz I want to play with you on Xbox one my names : Real JBizzle Love your vidz so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just because thats when you started doesnt mean its og Goaty_Games 26 because they want to be considered cool now dont reply back Im from season 1 and dont play the game anymore al this kids playing all day long and tryharding so hard Season 1 is the only OG Change my mind 4-10 Now You Just Cant Even Choose The Location To Pin CORXY 1003 I got you 69 comments nice CORXY 1003 Im an OG but Im just not that good.

Boner I mean the game was fun, 1, Battle Royale and hed always find time to play one more game whenever he could. I was at prison and someone threw it at me and I was sooooo confused.

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