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ZHeitairo ¤Fortnite nein xD Schwachsinn Everybody thinks having aim assist gives PS4 players an advantage lmao, not for the streamer because of the game ;( I fr thought every time he downed someone he was going to shake them down omg Omg the 220 with the old pump brings back memories Gray pump doing 220 damage 2:36. Cool battle pass, i know a few ways we could all change fortnite but wed need help everyone do whatever u can to get fortnite to listen to us, jogo saud├vel e divertido para todos.

3k viewers ­ He is getting fine views now ­­­ He started playing fortnite again, and 59 squads Artix is best he is Slovakia websiter Lolitofdez. Remember when fortnite wasnt full of toxic 9 year olds who dance on you but when u dance on them they report you for it : Lets go into playground and watch the cube : 1v1 me kid, miss the old fortnite I wish we could go back to this days were everyone was just getting good at fortnight Que a├oranzas.

Same I am literally the third due to this song I dont even play Fortnite anymore but I missed playing with the homies in season 4 when it was actually fun Yeah.

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