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My whole squad cant even get half that amount of kills combined ­ Hes the best fortnite player alive no question 2:34 makes me very nostalgic cause he hits a one pump with a gray pump Why Epic did u make gray pumps weaker than gray tacs Damn this vid got 42 mil lol. Lol!­­ Micheal Langlois thanks dude. Nabil Danial that donation was for charity Seth he has add or adhd, bring me back to the good old days Its been 2 years. Miss the days when fn was good and this banger was released the nostalgia made memoris flood in fortnite saying Its Game Time still hits after 4 years Now thisÔ this was when Fortnite was simple, let alone unnecessary in general lol Thats a reason i lost respect for him.

and rough.

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