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נננ I am Delirious fan, honestly just my luck that i replied to a comment that had 3 likes at the time. Ellis Swint bro I admit fortnite is better but myth and fortnite are close just due to myths incredible building skills, fortnite reported Stream Sniping like This Month.

Lmfao I suppose it was entirely expected but you upset the army of 9 year olds. Just a good song and idiots come along and judge it. Its just not fun anymore What a old time glad to see this on website again That damn scar sound brought back nostalgia more than anything else in this website Dam remember doing 150 headshot damage with a grey pump from 10 meters away good times.

You are tottaly right (sorry for My inglish) For the last fucking goddamn time creative mode wasnt made for you to practice building it was made for you to use prefabs to build cool maps with your friends and it gave you every item in the game to work with.

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