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I read the responds to your comments, you would have to make a time machine I feel you but everyone would still be sweaty and it would be most likely the same just different map It hurts to say it but s2 is never coming back because the players are still going to be sweaty Keep in mind we can go back to season 2 and everything. Fabvl did good too. I just love him ­­­ I miss this fortnite, now theres to many sweats in the game, not to the nutsack, DELIRIOUS IM NOT READY--- IM DYING AAAAAAAAAAH DEAD­­­­­ This website is a year old Ahh the good times I miss old fortnite (like if u remember when this first came out) Who else is bout to cry from nostalgia, FABVL did great, also i tested your anger to see how mature you are.

thank for the vibeo. Daniel Karsten OHearn Olson em no Not the 1 greatest but its up there Mi maximo es 5 kills (estaba en otra cuenta xdxd) Yo juego en ps4 y mi m├ximo es de 16 Agreguen los que juegan en ps4 xd Anthonyr_29 y ablando del tema mi maximo es 8 xd :v Yo mi maximo han sido 10 agreguen: elfutboleromanu Elfutboleromanu Choca los cinco ­­ IPapoArtz Mi m├ximo fue 14 agregen: nicoelsuper Translation: This man got 32 kills and I can never get 2 xdd IPapoArtz le gan├ a Lolito ­­­­ Mi maximo son 3 y porque estaban indefensos XD agreguen: SamiLoLXiqui4 IPapoArtz mi record fue 15 y lo q me cosato no me imagino 32 jajajajajajaaj IPapoArtz jajaja yo igual lo maximo que he echo son 7 :v El mio es 8 matando solo s squads de puta suerte :V Slewer 10 mi maximo fue 13 y perdia ­­ Gente d├ganme en mi canal ahora estoy jugando fortnite full en el canal con emisiones en directo Yo juego en ps4 y hago 13 kills m├ximo xd Les digo una cosa lolito hiso ┬50 KILLS!!!!.


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