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Ok thats enough. I will never forget how absolutely beautiful this was I had autoplay on and when this started playing man I could feel the nostalgia rushing in and its disappointing people stopped playing because this was the best game, Theres the reaper in the website I commented here only so that the number of conments wasnt 69, Very much appreciated, you making up complete lies. Only Halocene had it somehow decent imo.

I miss these days Me and my friends was singing this today in science Did anyone have that kid in school that sang this song during a talent show fortnite verse was fire dawg!!!!!!.

This game wos so fucking Funny and damm nice and now are only sweter in the Lobby Jake G its now a meme, no one liked her part. Dammn its been a while since this has came out I remember when i was like 6 - 7 years i listen to this but i didnt understand a shit what they said because live in sweden but now i understand what they say but i still LOVED it and i still love the song and now im 10 years Everyone building ramps thats useless FaZe sway: so I took that personally.

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