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No game will ever come anywhere near as good as this game in the first 3 seasons YGuy1 but everyone can spam. Elliot JT12 Jesus Christ man. Likewise with all games that proposal in-application buys, let alone trying to win in squads while playing solo!!. No bro fortnite was the best game ever before the season 5 fr Well, they should try to make pubs like old FN and keep the competitive the same, thats my they have to remove it every time and then the community complains that its been removed.

I mean I am always respectful to my elders and I am not ungrateful and played fortnite then got bored and liked it again Youre right, it was so fun for the first few weeks since games were unpredictable and exciting. I miss it so much Wish we could turn back time.

I dont understand why FN wont bring the good stuff back.

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