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Fortnite sucks as now­. You should have gotten Daeqaun and Myth on this track NerdOut. JCL Music this is like fortnite playing against highschoolers This is more like Michael Jordans baseball career. boogie with hands is fighting It means I dancing with my legs and hands I dont know maybe pop locking I dont know.

the netcode was still ass, damn, but he was definitely up there, lo extra├o y extra├o esos momentos­­­­ Ive watched this like 40 times this Mach is so iconic Fortnite was really more than just a game ­ S1 S2 S3 S4 Ô´Ş I was a really big fan of fortniteÔ The game just was the best and now its only sweatsÔ watching fortnite have fun and as we all had playing this game from season 0 to 7Ô it brings thousands of good memories­ Damn fortnite has always been such a dope dude I started in season 7 but I remember the times in where everyone in my class talked about fortnite and fortnite, beau ├á voir ENj Charlie de ouf mais le truc assez dingue cest comment il est alaise avec les constructions Noah Daniel pppffffttt I HIGHLY doubt that Theres a lot of people a lot that are better but dont get the hype he does thats the difference also pc is a lot easier he wont be drafted to any console tournaments he knows that for sure due to the difference in speed theres guys on the console taking 40 plus people out Your comment is completely false, the game is pure shit, so setting reasonable measures of play is simple without reassessing their game, iPhone X has the fastest gaming performance still because of its CPU and GPU, I talk about 10 new Cosmetics coming to Fortnite, missed opertunities of some of the 4-7 in the world through season5 even said they wish they started a career out of it considering they we some of the best, which got 635,000 live watchers (a world record for watchers to a stream), and this was - players most toxic players ever Aricketts108 yeah I hate the people who waste time and build and build when there on 1hp and they know there going to lose also the pumps are so shit now Aricketts108 no one really plays like that, all my friends want to do now is sweaty build battles in creative I know I watched it like 3 times haha Not to me.

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