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I love that dude. the idea of a joke Rthat comment was a joke you 12 year old I almost dropped a 100 bomb i just needed fotrnite installed in my pc Dont call him a nerd because nerds get successful in life and if you arent you are going to wish you were a nerd I almost dropped a 1 bomb needed 50 more kills I almost got a kill in fortnite just needed to buy a device SparTaN WhiteSide rwoooooooosh ­ Do I have to tell you we cant tell tone over text I dropped a 29 bomb i was raging­­­ Bruh that doesnt even sound like a fucking joke Whenever I land there is a FEMALE skin they always have already 800 trillion materials 40Mil kills and dance on me Do u get u little nerd Minecraft kid If you think 6 months is like good old days, never stop being you :) this was a proper funny duo game i remember it live.

The most awaited skins are Ikonic skins which will be available in Early May also the Samurai and Pirate skins were teased by the developers for the month of April.

How dare you compare fortnite to Ali a U cannot compare between a console player and a pc player there is a huge difference and especially in sensitivity On pc that is. Xaveon Bell He Edited it it used to say start with my kills Oh sorry I didnt know thx for telling me though Lighter Germ2390 you know you Im the king of dusty KCH sorry I just wanted to know what it meant ­ Its fine, lets trust this random whose name weve never even heard of lmao John Randall youre just tryna argue with someone what a nerd.

As soon as it does i download it. Beast 323 I just thought it was impressive that he killed every other player, but them bars need some work, it isnt fun to play anymore Warrior Sergio you just couldnt use them Amazuber but back then you couldnt ride them.

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