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Ceez was still the best I come back to this song once in a while and just listen to it. fortnite was right about that part I was actually trash in chapter one be honest but whatever it was fun good times come to an end right also I had Bunches of friends I found Bunches of friends on that and they just forgot who I am to be honest its sad ­ Is still kinda fun but its no where near from back then.

He is gone back to fortnite too so my point still stands hes trying to get back up there in terms of numbers This is literally fortnite at his finest We dont need mandalorian content or whatever, but played since season 1 Im a season 2 player I would have got black knight but I bought the battle pass late I played since season 2 but i didnt buy the battlepass edit: i can prove it with wave emote and the umbrella I started in season 2 and i am still here Hasting Rivera free s8 battle pass for free whoooo DeCotiis you are the best sniper ever I love this song and it is season 8 who is hype Fortnite is so trash play something else Hasting Rivera u see the royals knight that dies the worm and waves pretty sure that was me ­­ Hasting Rivera I love this its so cool I love the Dakotas Hasting Rivera I am but I suck and Im using my dad phone I started in season four but is season eight now so yeah Thanks, one of the most entertaining Fortnite website Ive seen in a while I always loved fortnite he is so good and so funnyÔ Love this so much dude.

Season 1 is like 290 body and now its like 13 head Lucky people could one shot. Just sitting there playing fortnite with one match going on for 30 minutes with nobody sweating the whole lobby, now its just boring and no new updates :( I just came after the ocean event and got hit by a ton of nostalgia OMG H20 u didnt know he was a repper 3:00 : DUDE THAT BUILDING IS SO FAST, and there are huge differences between sweats and pros. Also pubgs map is much bigger so its a lot harder to hide than fortnite.

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