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There are an expected 125 million players on Fortnite. LIT LIT LIT H2O Delirious­­­­­­­ No it wasnt. lol The Peculiar __ I can assure you no one on console has ever eliminated 40 players, C, damn After years I still remember the lyricsÔi miss the good times I remember listening to this 3 years ago and i remembered the whole entire song,ive never heard of this for 3 years,good times WHEN YOU WERE TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS MORE THAN YOUR PARENTS­­, ill find ur and a dwbwl pwmpi you in da face H2ODelirious Never knew you are that good at rapping make sure Vanoss saw it :D He play on computer!

HaloCene and CDN were kinda better, and season 9. Now its like if you are seen by an enemy he starts building the empire state building in under 3 seconds I literally cry while watching this Miss the season 0-5 times ­ Wow. FOH­­­ Seriall1337 listen man. ­ Last squad : it should be easy win.

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