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Season 9 was where all the tryhards were at, was a good season (i think ima download fortnite again) Have a good day but im crying its sad that i remember when this was 51 mins when it came out now its 3 in half years Me and my friends back in used to sing this song all the time lmao brings me back Jeez fortnite nostalgia isnt even minecraft nostalgia yet 0.

Saikyk you guys gotta calm down Saikyk I think what the guy was trying to say in the first place is that old fortnite was a lot better when everyone didnt know how to build or sweat there asses off and also the gun icons were a lot better the old graphics too. Its only been 2 years but it feels like 10.

People talk I usually hate the most but you should try it again Sergio Delano I agree with everyone you just said bro. Yeah thats what he said when his wife died and he cheated on her LMFAO EVERYONE BEATING THIS MAN UP These nine year olds saying its only a game dont understand lol Ahem you meant like 2 people Lollllllllllllllllllllll Not only talking about the guys at the world cup but also the streamers that won thousands of dollars of the game Kid who says this comment: started chapter 2 season 4 How dare u say its just a game u most not understand Homie why did you take it so serious someone has been kicked out before Whatever you said was cringe , the thing is when you slide down a mountain you almost died but nowadays you take no damage but it was still so fun I can die happy knowing that i am better than season 3 fortnite Man cant believe its been 2 years since и ?

I still cant do anything to these guys.

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