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Tell me how everyone weapon he has mid game is vaulted or the color rarity doesnt exist­ I remember when Fortnite wasnt filled with sweats and overbuilders. To be good at fortnite, its about skill and knowing the game, it was easy back then. how much I miss these times­ Man, like if you miss the og days Awesomegone FTW fortnite in here and they usually dont mix Angel Luis huh they played duos alot Right click inside the website -- Loop, just to remember how good this game once was It feels wrong knowing that this is now 4 years old, settings allowed people to become far better, for all of the ppl in the rap aswell and the world ­ Its just a different game now lmao in all these clips you see no one doing try hard building it was just fun when all people knew how to build was a ramp and a wall but now i just get shit on jumping out of the fucking bus xD All the ÔprosÔ crying about everything and the developers trying so hard to satisfy them is a big part of what destroyed the game, but now people are mad?

Fortnite was way better back then Damn heard it on the release. in grade 8 when this came out and now Ive finished school wow Anyone notice at 3:47 the knocked marker pops up before the rocket hits and makes the animation of exploding, I started playing the game late into season 1. When we didnt need 3000 mats to win a fight, cus the mic he uses for gameplay is a little messed up Gregoire Gasparini man Im just proud Cmon dude fortnite 101 bushes dont have shadows Fabvl doesnt play fortnite he just works and sings for nerdout When the song came out everyone: Oh ItS fortnite!!!!!­­ Lorand Ormeny oh god please tell me your joking Lorand Ormeny Have you heard of old school rap G DEFALT defalt no hes not being mean hes just right.

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