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Yes, and women. Im from south America. Cameron Watson Wym he plays a lot of games and the chances of playing with fortnite arent that low cuz he plays with 99 other people all the time so I just laughed when I saw him eatingš Now i dont know why he is not like that anymore he is not getting that same amount of vews that he used to get i am sad for him man hope he will be the same guy who plays fn and always entertaining The general game sound effects like when you pick up a weapon gets me nostalgicš When you didnt have to burn 500 mats for 1 killāš I miss this Fortnite.

But if they were never added no one would possibly be as sweaty as today because they couldnt practice high ground retakes and editing for 12 hours Remember when you could 200 damage with a gray pump, old gold pump and rpg.

I got the victory royale in my 2nd try.

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