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Ive been doing chemo for some time. thats insane Good times. had to stream you while with them to prove im not xD Tell me why these graphics look better then in the new fortnite Type Red Sama and look his gameplay he had 31 kills he would brake your record but he died he is a german websiter but he plays on ps4 Everyone saying game is harder now it was much harder then because everyone was bad including ourselves I did it to try and analyze the way he plays.

My account is older that the Bible. Good old days Crazy how time flys ­memories ­­ Look how simple the game was compared to now honestly if there were no npcs, you shoot at him then he builds a city now I play it every 3 or 4 days maximum 2 hours and something like this, sorry my bad :) Flappy Nugget 7 oh yea who won the pubg invitational oh yea thats right I was fortnite and his team in terms of best shot Id probably say shroud has the best shit in the game but overall playcalling and everything hes the best at pub for sure if you even watched people play the game I wasnt sure about h1 never really watched him play t but people always said it so I included it John Randall You call people randoms lmao John Randall get out of the comments and do something with ur life, where no one but companions can join a party; and Private.

And I still have trouble building in this game lol Ver esto es nost├lgico fortine era divertido por esto porque no todos eran arquitectos como es ahora antes todos ├ramos personas que se divert├an ahora es toxicidad y gente con eskin de s├per h├roe y con pico estrella antes era mejorar y poder ganar partidas ahora te encontr├s gente que se mata a todos el solo con un puto pistola pero buno Who remember tose OG days when you can get more than 12 rockets Whyd the gun sounds sound so much better then they do now Literally crying, so play before the game is dead which is in about ten years, youd freak to find any other skin You didnt have to memorize a paper on how many guns there were The game was simply just fun.

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