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fabvl. literally just season 3 would be great with limited mats so its more like old fortnite where mats placement is more important. DOING 90S DOING 90S!!!â Fortnite needs to do an update where the remove everything that wasnt in season three or below not including skins but the map and locations and weapons and there damages âThats a horrible fâing investmentâ I loved how rude yet nice fortniteHYPER was then fortnite: Well your clearly not in marketing class.

The main reason people use the burst is because it has more accuracy because more spread cooldown Owen Bogle thx u learn something new everyday Yes, the last one alive wins. - Fortnite wish I could go back I miss those times, if you play more youll get at least 3-4 like me, siphon. I would die in the bus.

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