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If I see what you are talking about I will change it The Airside Yeah but I figured I might as well for people who want to see it all at once : Triass777 It only took like 45 min lol Im late to this but i wouldve voted for Delirious lol Why tf would you write this if its at the bottom of the clip Septonix Fortnite mabey he has no life No efence but ya kinda wasted yo time as there is lyrics at the bottom of the screen well done anyway though.

I know everyone wants the old game back but sadly we cant. That was back when it was actually good. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) Yall gotta shut up abt the pump, 5-9 u r t r a s h k h e d Nah stared to go bad in season 4.

It never says how long it just says the past Yeah but who feels nostalgia for something that happened really recently You are talking about fortnite nostalgia while others are talking about Minecraft nostalgia Plus fortnite is a one year old game so its not a game old enough for you to have nostalgia your right im sorry but that is not enough its still not a old game Fortnite was developed around somewhere in 2011 but the game is 3 years old since it came out in Im not a Fortnite fan boy Im a half-life fan boy I remember when the game was simple and enjoyable now its just be a sweat or quit AlexProGG and they wont even give a legendary skin for free but apex does Frost Fangs the legendary skins suck anyways DisasterouslyDonna hell yeah DisasterouslyDonna rynx is vanoss you know Im 100 aware of that.

Hi Im Phil I said some fans not all of them Jesus Ben the Fish he is however a sore loser when it comes to getting killed.

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