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Nostalgic This website is why rocket launchers were nerfed A simpler time :( everything was so simple and now its just like you cant walk out of a building without having to build a castle fortnite basically killed 13 of the lobby my god Literally its impossible now to do Solo Squads in S6 Im wondering why fortnite was using UOL as building binds. literally just season 3 would be great with limited mats so its more like old fortnite where mats placement is more important?

Not being rude but he says style with MY kills You know that I am the king of Dusty. Try to reinstall it if you believe itās a fortnite bug. Tjey removed them and added blue pump and grey tac Hope Newman I started playing when Skull Trooper was in the store. Yeah its a shame Its weird To think that Ive been playing for this long I miss the old game it will never be the same I know right its always chug jug with you this or fishy on me that Fortnite kids ruined the game you called yourself out Listen to all those people swearing at me I started playing in like season 3 soooooo AND my first game my team called me a noob, 5-9 u r t r a s h k h e d Nah stared to go bad in season 4, it would have been around 4-5 years.

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