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I was here when it first came out the very first day baby So I just listened to this months later, Ninja is rewarded 1st in all-time kills and 2nd in all-time wins. If you are acquainted with the style of Battle Royale then, bring me back to the good old days Its been 2 years.

Jesus christ At least we have tilted towers back. Much love fortnite I have been watching you for 5 years and I poverty all your content you are my favorite streamer Fortnite on the outside: calm Fortnite on the inside: YOU SHUT UP WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU I dont even watch fortnites stream and this was entertaining to listen to especially the last part. Master Gamer HELL YES HE WAS THE ONE WHO MADE ME GET THE GAME CAUSE OF HIS FORTNITE VIDS Delirious just squeezing in his most entertaining laugh at the end already wins this battle for me, lets be honest.

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