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also I choose fortnite over Myth Gavin Piasecki yea myth is better at building than angelmelly she aint even good at building Myth is not good enough to be in the pros song Calm down elite gamer but we all know that myth is not better than any of the people in the song Copenhagen 69005 hes actually better than a few of them, its weird hearing him without the effects on his voice : WOAH fortnite!!.

šI know its not them playing but. But not as well as dakot Segorisk Johnny there are so many gameplays where Dakota cant hit the easiest sniper shots?

P but where is red night NerdOut. p Old fortnite, miss this. This is old game (published in 12th of January, if you had an rpg. Fortnite iswas ābadā because of misbehaving kids or sweats You are right, the songs actually pretty good.

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