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-Dr Suess I remember coming home from school and go straight to my room to watch fortnite fortnite gameplays. best fortnite utuber Eva baby Dusty brings back hard memories of crystals and a giant cube Yeah the game was good. H20 delirious and fortnite where the best for me I changed my mind it is H20 and CNDThe3rd Gatlin Pea youre gonna have to make more sense than that Season 1 og and to see this game die day by day my freinds have quit but i will never forget this game Its not only communitys fault.

Lil Waggy - Fortnite only a bad website would have 2 subs with no website I really think you shouldve given fortnite more part of the song Paper super good upon their iPhones how much is a T1 soda pistol Pizza Street3 I loved when h20 delirious sings its so good Anyone else here for fortnite to play exactly on 12 am on new years or just me Uninstall the game cuz honestly your trash dude Best rap Ive ever heard I didnt really like fortnite when season 2 dropped, the games a lot harder since literally everything has been nerfed to be balanced(unplayable).

Funny how most of this gameplay is now associated with noobs instead of pros I cant even look at it, I hope Epic decide to make an OG season where they restore an archive of an early version of Fortnite, plus fortnite is 100 There were 83 though so its more than a third ChinkTrash it is actually 33. Insane. Lol I go to salty in blue house, a while back he bought a high quality mic and used it and everyone in the comments asked him to go back to his lower quality mic Crazycut he uses it bc his fans didnt like the new mic H20delirious ALL THE WAYYYYY LOVE THAT MAN Your all right dark fortnite they all sound the same 20K SUBS WITH NO website CHALLENGE nuh Remember fortnitehyper reacted to this lol I swear thats a line out of winnie the pooh lol Powerful quotes can come from anywhere No one said life was over, leave a like, i truly wish i didnt make fun of fortnite for the first two years, a person of intellect, I only needed 28 more kills That donation sound brings back memories Youre a poor college student wasting 5 dollars to advertise your stream well I am that guy and I am to my knees with human shit as a janitor and make minimum wage so whos the real loser Who is here after they nerfed turbo build fortnite is beter here than i am now Has anyone noticed that every websiter that ever played fortnite has most popular website and this website is about fortnite and was uploaded 3 years ago When you have so much clout you put your own name in your titles Io che ritorno qui 4 anni dopo website:è ora di farlo ritornare in home Grey pumps back then: 220 to the head gold pumps in chapter two: 220 to the head The game died when they changed the map.

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