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This game got really popular in 6th grade. Now son, gostaria de ler? I started to play fortnite when most of my Arab friends told me to download when I was in 6th or 7th grade now Im in 9th grade. He tried it out a LOOONG time ago in a bo2 website I think, 90s. I played fortnite and was 8 these was good times Destructive - Gaming which one is CDN Trapper, By your face. Fortnite hasnt changed any of its mechanics, fortnite got almost 5x as many kills as I did Biig Bolo lol i get hyped over 2 Biig Bolo nope because Im good at building but I suck at aiming Dlovan Taha I have 10 dont worry youll get there I got 6 kills then someone kills me then BAM 4th place Biig Bolo NOOOOO I FREAK OUT WHEN I GET ONE OR TWO Biig Bolo no man i get hyped for 1 kill Lol i get hype over 1 or 2 kills Im so noob the reason Im watching this website is to be like fortnite and be pro Of course me becouse my record is 2 kills Biig Bolo Bro.

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