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The basis on how pc players can build their skill is better because they have fix buttons for everything Yes because of how accurate of a shooter he is damage towards a headshot The high damage potential of the burst is too good to pass up. The good old days. Now maybe markiplier or jacbksepticeye lol He grow fast because he good at majority game I love fortnite but PewDiePie is the best for me :P Sister Fister Lmao he cant pass pewdiepie thats impossible Avrio pewdiepie adapts to what is popular, Just unlocked a vault of these amazing memories!! God i remember listening to this so much when it came out Its been almost 4 years and this is still a banger.

Waiting for the 99 kill solo squads website !!. If it was harder to control people wouldnt prefer it, sweats blame casuals. He is a god at clickbaiting. It was never good in the first place We are back to the game where we made memories I havent bean able to get a win in 1 yr I did get some wins because all I do is mess around with my friend and we dont care about winning we sometimes do dumb shit science and memes or just fool around and kinda try to end toxic servers for fun Pim van Lith I stopped months ago they changed the game and community too fast Arthur Morgan bro people hear a footstep then build a 1 by 1 to space I used to play so much but now I dont even have the game Brady Capps the game is still somehow the most viewed game on Twitch legit have no idea how its still alive after everyone complained about how bad it is.

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