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they need to make different maps from different seasons POV: this was on your home page 3 years later Even if they bring back the old map it will not gona be the same people spaming on their keyboard aim is soo god the new map didnt ruin the game the pros ruined it I feel like the game died at the begging of chapter 2 :( Back when building was just a general convenience and for making small bases.

I wish I was a day 1 Yes life was so much Better that time We can do it now its just not the same ­ Kid, it is actually somewhat decent again, like the ones that dont play arena and only play normal bc they know people are better than them and they want to just feel power, not to the nutsack, he used a different mic­ I have a feeling that hes showing off. Same i miss old fortnite this song is a good og song Same, now were just addicted I missed the old map now they say that is going to be underwater When Fortnite was a good game, players team up to make due in an open-world climate, not anymore although, leave a like, its just the players who ruin the game.

I havent heard that in a long time. Still badass though.

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