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I have a few wins on Xbox (console) with around 12 kills where as on pc my highest is 9 That German guy wouldnt even get close on pc where the average player is better I play on both and ps4 is in no way harder. fortnite got so much better in aiming I remember when I didnt have a console but always go to my cousins house and play fortnite This when fortnite was fun w the bois.

And i tryna quit. If u dont get it go to pewdiepie latest pew news Hi fortnite my from sudia I love you - I love fortnite he is one of the most ranked fortnite players in the world thumbs up if you agree with me Every thing in my house let me see you speaking Arabic Guys Hi is say Hi fortnite im From Saudi Arabia I love u Diablo 88120 se serait bien les sous titres Ramzito oui javoue que je dit pas non au sous titre Nerlet Music grave sa serai grave bien Mauro Cossiga faze palm vous a dit fermez votre gueule apprenez langlais (( 100-() fortnite- Slade-siabot Slade-siabot To be stupid Slade-siabot Slade-siabot Come on, you arent the only one listening to this masterpiece in december This came on and I was going crazy and remembered me and my friends getting our first victory Royale rip fortnite Damn I remember when I was 7 I listened to this when I was playing Fortnite tbh good times Where has the time gone wish I can go back I remember when I used to skip school to play Fortnite wish I could go back.

Even if the kid did it for attention its still 100. But I live in Denmark right now sooo.

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