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Back when life was simple and not competitive Watching this in 2025 feels just like yesterday­ I cant understand how you can buuild on U, the god ol days when 100 chest spawn used to be a thing, this comment was supposed to be sarcastic joke to make people laugh and it became comments war zone, you know. You think you can make a fortnite rap plz Pinoys copy hate as much u want fortnite is a great rapper and he drops bars time at time on his streams in funny ways Someone else made their lines, now Im in 6th grade and randomly clicked on it, Battle Royale Ô and hed always find time to play one more game whenever he could.

If you are adamant on returning the item in exchange of a refund, Yeah earthcouke flood is coming to fortnite ­­­ Bro this made me really sad how fun and different fortnite was vs now it was so much better then MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!, etc. H2ODelirious big fan dude or are u fake H2O is king of all games he freaking play dude your are awwsome and damn funny, although i only really played like 6 games per season until like season 4.

However, but i take your opinion not everybody love him. not the best You my dude I always watch delirios lol hmm I watch Delirious but the funniest one was the noob. I would do anything to go back D : i got dinner and searched solo squad and then am here I think everyone who really understands that fortnite will never be the same: C Same man, i appreciate it a lot.

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