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Had to take a look into the vid after coming over an article on how fortnite got his money. Bright sure im speaking spanish but im loving this Why type that if its already in the website You are attention hungry this is easy to do you can just use google Ceez will be happy the Dusty is back.

Lets just de escalate this conversation, but then they decided to make the game blow up more. THAT SOUND WAS WAS SO SATISFIYING Josh Perez lets go H2O delirious for life hit me up if you wanna play fortnite Worst whati think is the second girlll His laugh when his part was done made it 100000 times better Josh Perez hes the reason why Im here I love him d hes my favorite websiter Its not a rap against each other only about the game Mechanics Yeah even tho he didnt do live streaming he must won!

the main keyword in that statement is ‚PS4‚. XxUknownTemptationxX i knew it because he said he will roste rhinocrunch Gamer_E I like fortnite rap the best Rhymed time with time?

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