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Good times. :( H20 had the funniest ­­­ the good old days 1:20 the hype when we reacted to this song for the first time back in season 1-3 good times When this banger came out i was hyped like ive havent heard this song for like 3-2 years now i still remember every word Back in the days, the new ones are trashÔ beef boss is a old skin and the female galaxy skin is new.

Like rocket league, miss that dumb ass hill near factories, my ass over here with nostalgia missing the glory days of halo 3 and cod4 in like 2008 lol, thats confusing me Carts could not have been driven back then only pushed by the avatar you are controlling. Josiah breeden YEAH ITS KINDA CHAPTER 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 12 Pxyls I hated that pool place they replaced it with. Then cant wait till school is over.

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