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Ahhh memories. Chapter 1. Mann it was amazing. Currently Janthe memories, and glitches were a menace With my current skill. I do like season 2 so far hopefully it stays good That nostalgia really be kicking in bro I miss the old days if yall wanna play my gamer tag is TaZe Moth on Xbox Just bought chapter 2 bp yesterday day It was honestly the best game that has ever been released but now its just sooo trash and fuckng sweaty Lil chrischii ik i play on pc and i cant Even breath without getting tryharded on Sypherpk should of been the trapper myth should of been the builder Bruh nerdouts bars were the biggest stretch of this generational world Had to have deliriouss famous laugh in it lol Who else started crying when you see this (old moments) Hold up everybody be quite, I thought it was so it was so fire.

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