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What a time to be alive 2 years ago. politics werent even real yet. But I doubt he can get close to that number on chapter two season two הדדדדדדדדד¨ידדח¨ידהדד-דדדדדודדדדדד MySTiC_KiD OnEs cause ps4 has real gamers Good point maybe thats the main reason why my friend on ps4 gets dubs more easier on xbox one Louis Duncan hmmm so proffesional station 4 xD MySTiC_kiDD OnE a dude called גhand crafted on my friend list has over 500 wins!

Thats a a complete lie. i miss old fortnite OG grey pump, but imo dae would be cool also Vincentand khari yes you are correct but he has a managerial role he plays no game competitive Vivian Kobiti ננננ נננננ Shadowtiger x hahaנננ When i brag to my cousin bout my girl he get mad and say HOW MANY FORTNITE WINS U GOT he 12 yrs old Shadowtiger x I have a girl actually Allthings beast oh ye ננננ I will come back to this comment in season 8 to tell you:same No you not because 5 days ago was still season 8 There both the same you get a battle pass new things new places so yh (yeah)and like if junk junction and flush factory and lony lodge and if tomato town should come back and double pump and!

How can epic mess up a masterpiece so badly, well he can, their a sweat, the game fucked itself up for the majority of players. נ When it was fun People Wouldent Build fricking Tralier Courts When YOu SHot THem And my big brother started befor all of you he started season 1 not chapter 2 His user name is faze_axelz or something Sorry guys but if i can be honest fortnite pretty sucks now Lexy Rose nah dakotaz part was better Bintu Bangura just letting u no its H2O not h2 zero I agree cdn won he went off like he always do Hes the only person who wrote his own shit so he wins yeah.

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