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The beautiful past that is no longer šš If fortnite was actually good at the game you could put any gun in his hand and its gamete lol Dont care what anyone says this shit is still legendary Ill be waiting in the bush when you walk by :) WELCOME TO THE 10 MILLION CLUB.

I just realised. lol The Peculiar __ I can assure you no one on console has ever eliminated 40 players, then I watch OG fortnite and start to cry cause I realize the game will never be the sameš Seeing how fortnite didnt pick up gold and purple weapons Man this came up on my feed, 1, i always come to this website?

NOPE NOPE NOPE PLAY IT AT 1. Iām so frustrated that I deleted the game because I canāt play with it being like this and I canāt explain it well enough for someone else to understand!

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