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I play just like the players of season 2-3 and I am an og like I started playing this game in October when the battle Royale was released if Im correct. 9 Dont matter if you can build when you cant land your shots Guille Moriconi no soy el unico espaol verdad Guille Moriconi what race is Spanish.

Sheridan KittleIII honestly Minecraft didnt changed a fucking thing. Im mean you who rushes wearing a bush lol. So put that negative thoughts out of your mind :) I mean its not trash but sorry and idk you so yeah It was still trash in the beginning it was annoying as hell I think Fortnite just got 100x better ever since chapter 2 came out Lmao ur calling him 5 so ur probs 11 cuz u still play fortgay Hello people.

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