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Only 50s kids will remember the unnamed tomato town and dusty also the smg XerxesVeil only 50s kids remember the crossbow Only 10s kids remember nocturno XerxesVeil they should have taken out the suppressed smg it makes way more sense Only the 10s kids will remember the zapatron Only 30 kids will remember dark Knight XerxesVeil Only 10s people will remember the guided missle XerxesVeil Only Terrible Joke kids will remember your comment.

Back in the good days when u could chill and enjoy the game when no one did quad edits good times it was Man I miss this, weapons, great skins. Likewise with all games that proposal in-application buys, i think it was season 4 you could have that lmao Bro I from season 2 I remember all I remember when grafics where pure shit I remembre when tere was a bug in the eiver and you can put inside the floor because of that glitch I remember gray pump Memeashi 6ics 9ain mg brain hurts so bad Andy Melgar10 Isnt the max nowadays 61 Me and I was a lot better because I had more kills because I only used my rpg and I had like 40 ammo That was there tell like season 4.

Dakotaz 3. fortnite was right about that part I was actually trash in chapter one be honest but whatever it was fun good times come to an end right also I had Bunches of friends I found Bunches of friends on that and they just forgot who I am to be honest its sad Is still kinda fun but its no where near from back then. I think for me my earliermid teen years were for me my best part of my childhood around 2015 It hits different now Agreed. 4 years later and i still know every word fortnite: Im dancing on top of you Also fortnite: Reports players for dancing on him.

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