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Sorry gotta go double G double peace. Thats cuz u are in the past. Also I play on trash settings and I play arena between champion and div 7 everyday on my 60 FPS 67 of 720p resolution 60 ping and I fo against people who might even have 240hz 0 ping!

Flxme not referring to you, at least give us an option to play what map i want play on­­ Also the story line is the reason for not being able to get more than 1 map, just stop it. fortnite from season 1 in his first game is better than me He killed crude from like tenser and nudah and the fellas ­ : Not Recommended : Lets show this to everyone Forever live as the kid who almost killed fortnite WELCOME TO SEASON 7.

Yeah nothing matches my Rpg I remember listening to this when I was 11 Is it just me or I know the whole lyrics after 3 years Remembered this song for 3 years­ I remember playing this in my computer during a rainy day at school I miss when the game was fun and every talked about it The good times The nostalgia is so insane I can still sing along I used to absolutely love DK but then he started using face cam and I remember him saying that he wont do that because he wanted to focus on the content and not the facecam.

More buttons more control.

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