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Best player of the world. Just because thats when you started doesnt mean its og Goaty_Games 26 because they want to be considered cool now dont reply back Im from season 1 and dont play the game anymore al this kids playing all day long and tryharding so hard Season 1 is the only OG Change my mind 4-10 Now You Just Cant Even Choose The Location To Pin CORXY 1003 I got you 69 comments nice CORXY 1003 Im an OG but Im just not that good.

I didnt win at the end of the night now did I All of you are missing the main point. Season 0-2 noobs Season 3-5 pros Season 6-8 sweats Season 9-Chapter 2 bots Skilled match making, thats the point of the game, now theres to many sweats in the game.

Good times now the 10 years old kids with 90 Ikr It was fun cuz nobody knew how to build back in season 2 Lol YGuy1 if its better now pleases tell me the time in season 2 when people were doing 90s and building fucking sky scrapers with WiFi Jaciel Hernandez seasons 1-5 were elite seasons.

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