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I would play with friends. Bringing it back wont make anything better. I remember me and my friends singing this back in 5th grade and now were in high school ננננ fortnite and H20 DELIRIOUS hitting different though after almost 4 years its still so good Imma play this at new year as soon as fortnite part drops Been 4 years and im still watching this Man this song hit me with so much nostalgia 3 years later and still remember the whole song This is still so good tho its so old 3 years and i can almost remember every lyric word for word Thank you for the memories, get ur damn facts straight :c I miss al the good landmarks :C נ If u think about Rajke NO.

Same I hit someone 15 times with a pickaxe and I died as he was mining the floor I used to be like that נ I got my first kill after 50 games ננ Carmen L. That was back when it was actually good. Its not that fun anymore with all these op websiters Quartzcpw l am. But save the world was better back then too Carlson Philip Thanks man it is awesome YerffeJ 3459 Im listening to this song and Im disgusted.

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