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­ Guglitogamer XD fortnite killed a hacker. but this song. And i tryna quit. Im struggling to reach 1k­­­ XFOOTBALLKINGX this is closer to old fortnite then what we when today What do you mean by just Ôchapter 2Ô Same I have the blue squire skin I remember the old days no sweats Id just build a base on top of a house it was so fun We now have all the awful weapons, Im pressing this again and again I keep pressing this and going back ten seconds. Bob NotRealNameMan In my experience its a lot easier to get kills on PC than consol.

This comment sums up the fortnite fanbase Karka shotguns are gone smgs spray takes no skill Shotguns are gone lmao just do pump or heavy smg if u dont know how to use it it doesnt mean its gone Albi NJR are you TRIGGERED ten year old Karka they dont even have a use anymore if you try that youll just get sprayed and double shotgun is not as broken as smgs Lol you listened to mcreamys song didnt you Eion Spatz this is when the game was fun Yay my fravet song am a girl But I still play furnit am 7 Eion Spatz mccreamy fortnites kinda dying 7eueyeudueurjrjruruurururujdjruruejueejjeureiurruurururrurururururiruririruruududueuruejejrhfnhdjuuuueudhdjrjdjdrjjdjdjrjjrrjejejrujrjrjdrjrhhrhrhrureuruejeuruurueuurueruururueurururururururururuurueueururuururueurriureiurieiruriurieuirieriediudidieudidurieiriieirieiriririiriririirir8r8riririirireieiiiiririeiririeiriiririeririeir8iriei Eion Spatz Lmaoo u watch the fortnites kinda dying song huh ­ Meet definitely I missed tilted most Im not the only one that types it that way Eion Spatz me just trynna see the of days I smell a ÔFortnites kinda dyingÔ reference.

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