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­ the graphics around these time made fortnite Respect to the people that still listen to this song Delirious was also really good and I cant forget about ceez fortnite was by far the best rapper and could honestly solo any human being hes so elite and top teir please have my babies Who thinks this is so much better then the second one Cdnthe3rd: 0:00 Dakotaz: 0:50 FABVL: 1:11 NerdOutMusic: 1:31 HaloCene: 1:51 H20 Delirious: 2:12 FABVL: 2:32 This came out when I was in 4th grade and I was either listening to Ransom or this lmao We can finally build sky-bases again.

90 of the guns in this website is vaulted­ This was in the better times Before The mechs :( good old days Holy shit, to the good old days ­­ Yall rlly dont know how much I missed the old fortnite I watched this.

When this was actully a game I enjoyed I remeber this it brings back good times I remember when they first released the Shopping Cart.

And boom, sorry gotta go double G double peace Ahhh Yeet Best of them all,sory goto go double peace I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE YOUR PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. activly I mean, its like old Fortnite, and defend yourself from your opponents. Especially now that people sweat their balls off with building it would be nice to do some more damage? og is when people sucked.

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